Healthy Recipes


Hi,I wanted to share you with you one healthy recipe and one healthy smoothie that you can make when you are following the ‘Healthy 4 U Body Fat Loss Eating System'.

  • Cooking Time: -1min
  • Preparation Time: -1min
  • 4 servings

Use stale bread to make delicious bread pudding

  • Cooking Time: 60min
  • Preparation Time: 45min
  • 9 servings

A homemade sports drink using bright, tropical flavors to replete your electrolytes after working out. Created by Rebekah Langford, RD, CDN

  • Cooking Time: 5min
  • Preparation Time: 15min
  • 1 servings

Low carb alternative to bread or cake, Perfect for diabetics or people on Atkins.

  • Cooking Time: 25min
  • Preparation Time: -1min
  • 6 (or 8 small) servings

Great low carb bread - very quick and easy. Can substitute for cornbread, English muffins, or pound cake.

  • Cooking Time: 20min
  • Preparation Time: -1min
  • 6 - 12 servings