This is a perennial plant also commonly known as devil’s dung, and stinking gum. It produces yellow flowers, and is native to Iran. It has a very strong nauseating odor, but when cooked becomes much more like the smell of leeks.


It is a herb that is grown as a perennial in warm, tropical climates. Basil originated in India and other tropical regions of Asia, and has been cultivated for over 5,000 years. The word basil stems from the Greek word for king, and is still...

Bay leaves

A culinary herb often used for European as well as North American cuisines. Its aroma is very floral and is fairly similar to that of thyme or oregano. In earlier years Romans believed Bay Leaves warded off evil spirits and gave them good luck.

Black Cardamom

Black cardamom seeds have a unique but distinctively strong, smoky flavor.

Black limes

A spice derived from the Middle East. It is used in Middle Eastern dishes, and is made by boiling fresh lime in salt water and drying it. They are strong in flavor, sour and citrusy.

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