Ms Figure USA & Universe Michele Levesque-Presciano


How did you get started with fitness modeling?

I started has a figure Athlete in 2005. And after a couple of shows, i got “discovered “ by some photographers that were working for fitness magazines and i had my first chance to have a spread in a mag and it all started from there ! I never thought i could model, honestly. I always hooked on working out and looking good more then anything lol. I discovered i had modelling talent i guess !

Where does your motivation come from?

Working out always been part of my life since i was very young. SO my motivation is how working out makes me feel everyday of my life. I feel healthy, i feel strong, i feel unstoppable. That’s whats motivate me to get up and go for a run or at the gym.

What workout routine has worked best for you?

I like to try different stuff and be creative and have fun with my workouts. i actually was doing Kick Boxing before i got injured in my knee a couple of months ago. I also run everyday about 45 minutes. Then gym, i'll do a variety of squats, sumo squats, seated leg curls, walking lunges a couple of times a week and upper body i split it. One day i'll do back and bi's the other day tri's and shoulder. I try to work in circuit training has well. I also love working with the kettlebell. This is the type of workout that works for me, has i am not trying to put muscles on, just trying to maintain.

If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

Sumo squats with the Smith machine: works my butt very good! Kettlebell clean and press: works different parts of body and it makes me break a sweat. Stepmill with a 20 pounds barbell on my shoulders.: caus i like to be in pain! And know that this is gonna pay off eventually !


What do your off season and contest prep diet consist of?

Has of right now, i am not looking to compete anytime soon, or probably ever again. I completally ruptured my ACL this summer, tear my meniscus and partial tear in my calf, while i was playing football with my family. I also ended up in the hospital with a severe DVT, it’s a deep vein thrombosis, basically a blood cloth that can travel anytime to the lungs and be fatal. I cannot take any supplements, vitamins or whatsoever for a while. I am finally off crutchs ,i did rehab and slowly gained a little bit of strength back in my knee. i can run and do light squats. And i need to get surgery done, a reconstruction of my ACL once i am off the blood thinners and this will be next year, i still have a couple of months to go. After surgery, it’s rehab again, and taking to the time to heal and get back at 100%. This is a long process that wasen’t planned at all ! So for my diet, i am eating healthy has always. i am eating a ton of veggies, more then protein. Because i wanna make sure i have all my vitamins:) 2 meals out of 5 i will eat veggies only , sometimes fruits. I eat my veggies mostly raw and make sure they are organic. I also eat chicken, egg whites, sweet potatoes, oats.... The only difference there is if i would get ready for a show or a photoshoot is i would measure all my meals , eat more protein, and a bit more carbs. But i can't push has hard in the gym , especially legs, so i balance it out by switching my diet a little bit. 

When dieting down for a competition what type of cardio do you use? High intensity, Low intensity, or interval cardio? 

I would do both. Some days , like after my workout, a do a high intensity interval cardio session for 20-30 minutes. And 3-4 times a week has i approach the contest, i do longer slow intensity sessions. And i get closer and closer, stick to low intensity long cardio session. But i think it all depends what you did the weeks before your show. How you diet, the type of training. You might be ready 4 weeks before, so you don’t wanna do too much cardio. Or you might not be ready at all and see yourself doing double cardio days ,ect.... It’s important to have a trainer at this point so he can guide you through the process. It’s all about timming and knowing your body.

What supplements do you use?

Has of right now, nothing, except PROLEIN( . I would certainly use Nitraflex( an amazing pre workout that gives you a sick pump , also Muscle martini that i tasted and it’s soo good. Branched chain amino acids and glutamine. I also love the JET FUEL. Gives me the energy i need to get ready for a show. But unfortunatally, not for now.

What competitors do you look up to and why?

When i first started, i use to look up too Monica Brant and Jenny lynn. This is when there was still very few figure competitors out there, and everybody was unique and had their own style and look and they were just amazing competitiors in my eyes. Now a days, this sport got so popular, you see too much of the same looks, same bikinis....I have huge respect for competitors, i think everybody works extremely hard. But i prefer not to relate to anybody and try to be ME and be proud of what i’ve accomplished in this industry.

Can you list the major competitions you have competed in since your started competing and your placing’s?

See i was in Canada and we couldn’t compete in NPC. The only to get your pro cards was through the CBBF, and i didn’t liked the way it was judge. My goal was to be on covers of fitness magazine. So i did the shows that got me the most exposure, like muscle mania, FAME, WBFF....
I did quite a few , but major ones i would say Miss figure America in 2006 overal), FAME 2006 ( overall) miss figure Universe 2007 (1st), WBFF 2007( overall), i did the Arnold classic( 2008) in figure, i got invited ,and i was so pround of this i placed 5th, i did an NPC figure show , placed 2nd.
You might not know all of theses shows. Fame and WBFF are very big in Canada, they attract a ton of magazines and exposure. 

Is there any websites or services you offer that you would like to make our fans aware of?

I have my personal website: you can take a look at it. I also offer a 90 days fitness challenge ! for more info you can email me:
And i am also a proud sponsored athlete by GAT. They have amazing products , very high quality. TEAMGAT.COM. They sponsor alot of upcoming fitness stars and bodybuilders !

Photo Copyright: EVASIMON