IFBB Pro Men's Physique Bobby Ashhurst


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How did you get started with fitness modeling?

It was actually at the insistence of several friends to compete. After the show they started telling me I needed to start fitness modeling. One of my friends recommended a local photographer, Carlos Arias. At about the same time a fitness writer from France was in town going to the local gyms asking people who they felt he should do a feature on and apparently my name kept coming up. So we connected and a lot of the pictures from my first shoot ever wound up getting published in one of Europe’s largest fitness magazines.

Where does your motivation come from?

Initially my motivation came from the people who told me what I couldn’t do. I’m a little feisty by nature and was raised to believe anything is possible so whenever I heard that I felt it my responsibility to prove them wrong. As I matured that motivation changed. Now I’m fuelled by all the people that believe I can do anything. I realized by my accomplishing goals and sharing it with the public that it encourages others to believe they can accomplish their own personal goals as well.

What workout routine has worked best for you?

I've been training since I was 13 years old so that has changed over the years. As I got older and more knowledgeable I realized that all the growth occurs while you rest so I've actually trained less and get better results. I typically will do a 3 day on 1 day off split. I don't have a set routine anymore other than the body part I plan on training each day. I basically just go with what I feel like doing that particular workout.

If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

If I only had 3 exercises to choose from I would choose deadlift, bench press and shoulder press. Compound movements use more muscles that isolation movements allowing you to lift heavier weights, fatigue more muscle groups and burn more calories in a single movement. Deadlift uses pretty much the entire body to complete making it a great choice for any routine. Chest and delts are important body parts in Men's Physique therefore choosing exercises like bench and shoulder press will help me to maintain the look the judges, and women, look for.

What do your off season and contest prep diets consist of?

This is the first year I was going to give myself an offseason so I typically don’t have an off season diet. As a working fitness model you will find that many jobs give you about a day's notice so if you're not shoot ready every day then you will lose a lot of jobs. So I typically maintain a clean diet year round. My diet is like most and made up of lean proteins, complex carbs, green veggies & healthy fats. My plans change pretty often to prevent my body from adapting. Sometimes I eat as few as 3 whole meals and supplement it with several amino acid drinks (this is the diet I'm going back on today for the next several weeks). Other times I have 5-6 meals per day while I cycle my carbs. I also will go through periods of carb heavy meals. It's all a matter of how my body is feeling and reacting.

When dieting down for a competition what type of cardio do you use? High intensity, Low intensity, or interval cardio?

I maintain a pretty low body fat percentage year round so it's easier for me to lose muscle than add or maintain it. I tend to stick with low intensity cardio anywhere from 1-3 times per day depending how far out from a show I am and what I feel my conditioning looks like.

What supplements do you use?

I'm a Dymatize Athlete so I tend to use a lot of their products. When I allow myself to use protein powders I use the Dymatize Iso 100 and Elite Fusion 7. I also use their BCAA & glutamine powders or their Elite Recoup. Other supplements I tend to use daily are Arginine & Ornithine, multi vitamin, vit C, vit D3, calcium & magnesium, zinc, USP Labs Super Cissus, Gaspari Phenorex & BPI 1.M.R. The fat burner & pre-workout aren't a normal part but used on occasion.

What competitors do you look up to and why?

Two competitors, one active & one retired, that I look up to have both helped prep me for this season. They are retired IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Jamo Nazzar & IFBB Figure Pro Felicia Romero. They have both excelled during their careers and have been a huge part of me earning my pro card in this inaugural season of Men's Physique.

Can you list the major competitions you have competed in since your started competing and your placing's?

2011 Men’s Physique competitions:
NPC Muscle Contest - 4th
NPC OC Classic - 1st and Overall
NPC Pittsburgh Championship - 2nd
NPC Jr USA - 5th
NPC Jr Nationals - 3rd
NPC USA - 3rd
IFBB North Americans - 2nd and earned pro card

Is there any websites or services you offer that you would like to make our fans aware of?

I am the owner of a supplement store called NutriFit of Scottsdale in Scottsdale, AZ. My webstore (www.mynutrifit.com) should be done within the week where people can order supplements. I also intend on offering eBooks created by my friends in the fitness industry. I have been getting a ton of requests from competitors so I will offer online contest prep for Men's Physique competitors very soon.

In closing, what are your future competition plans? Are you currently preparing for any upcoming shows?

My next show will be the IFBB Physique Grand Prix on April 14th in Culver City. This is where I began my NPC Men's Physique career and I look forward to beginning my IFBB career at a Jon Lindsay event (www.lindsayproductions.com).

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