IFBB Bikini Pro Véronique Morin

How did you get started with bikini / fitness modeling?

I went to a coach(Vincent Comtois) so he could make a training program for me. After he evaluated me, he asked why I never tough about competing? He said i had a really good genetic and that I should give it a try. I said why not ? Since that day I never stopped!!!


Where does your motivation come from? 

I always trained and had a good nutrition since i was 17 so I know it’s good for me. Feeling and looking good, being healthy, giving a good example to my 2 kids are my major motivation. 

What workout routine has worked best for you? 

It really depends because we adjust at every show. Mostly circuit training i would say. 

If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why? 

walking lunges 1st cause they are the most complete exercise for my legs and glutes. 

squats 2nd that’s a must to have beautiful and strong legs and it works your core in the mean time 

dips 3rd which women wants to have "bye bye fat" ? 

When you use to diet down for a competition what type of cardio did you use? High intensity, Low intensity, or interval cardio? 

interval (tabatahs) 


What supplements do you use? And why? 

A.T.P. cause they are all natural ingredients.

What competitors do you look up to and why? 

I love Juliana Daniell's shape cause she is not too skinny too.She looks athletic. 

Can you list the major competitions you have competed in since you turned pro and your placing’s? 

I will do my first pro show in 4 weeks. 

Is there any websites or services you offer that you would like to make our fans aware of? 

My web site is www.veroniquemorinfitness.com 


In closing, what are your future competition plans? Are you currently preparing for any upcoming shows? 

Yes, the Toronto Pro Super Show June 1-2-3 

Thanks for your time.