Fit Tips




The Body Mass Index (known as BMI) is the most accurate tool in assessing health and weight. BMI uses both body weight and body fat to determine health status. (this is different from the simple online calculators because the true test takes excess skin measurements using calipers).

Being healthy and staying active can reduce your risk of cancer up to 30-40 percent

The best workout for your butt is to move it! Power walking or race walking are known as 2 of the best cardio workouts for your glutes

A daily morning exercise before work can boost your metabolism, increase your energy, and burn more calories throughout the day

A warm-up exercise reduces the risk of injury. Try a short warm-up exercise before you work out. Even 5 minutes can make your workout more effective

One of the most common injuries at the gym is smashing fingers between weight plates. So, pay attention when lifting the plates on and off!

You can lose up to one liter of water by sweating during a thirty minute workout, so it is important to drink lots of water

Wearing layers at the gym helps control your body temperature. As your temperature rises you can peel them off, and put them back on when you cool down.

Sugars are hidden in a number of foods with names like maltodextrin, honey, syrup, sucrose or those ending in “ose” but have the same amount of calories

Slouching while using cardio equipment will cause you to burn less fat