Fit Tips




Those who sleep less than 8 hours a night have a 45% higher risk of being overweight

Adults need an average of eight hours of sleep per night, which means approx 9 hours spent in bed

If you need extra protein in your diet, try mixing cottage cheese with yogurt. It has no effect on the taste and adds a bit of texture

If you need extra protein in your diet, try adding cottage cheese to your mashed potatoes

Dessert: 2 forks = 1/2 the calories

Eating healthy snacks during the day can help keep the your metabolism going all day and help stop the urge to eat in the evening

Breathing deeply while exercising results in a 1-2% increase in edge among most athletes

Breathing correctly while exercising helps ignite the burning of fat

People who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight and generally feel better throughout the day. Skipping breakfast can put your body into "starvation mode", causing your body to store your next meal as fat

Anaerobic exercises are usually done in a shorter period of time such as weight lifting, or sprints, and have a lower impact on the cardiovascular system