Fit Tips




Those who eat 400 fewer daily calories, but are eating unhealthy foods have a 2 1/2 times higher risk of abdominal obesity than those that eat larger portions of healthy food.

Relieve the stress on your knees by varying your cardio workouts with different machines (other than the treadmill).

Running on a treadmill puts just as much strain on your knees as running on pavement.

Swimming is a great sport for toning the body, and increasing your lung capacity.

Ab machines do not make you lose belly fat. Cardio and Strength training do!

The slogan "no pain=no gain" has no truth to it. You should never feel pain while working out.

Diets turn food into the enemy - Food provides nourishment and comfort, but diets can make you afraid to eat, therefore depriving you of one of life's greatest pleasures

Diets are unhealthy - The cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain can make you lose calcium from your bones and lean tissue from the body

Diets take away your energy - Little food means not enough energy for physical activity and enjoyment

People who sleep less than four hours a night have a 75% chance of being overweight