Fit Tips




A diet rich in Vitamin C can reduce the risk of wrinkles & drying skin.

Shoulder shrugs & other exercises using your trapezoids can reduce chronic neck pain by 80%.

Over 200 species of bacteria are in and amongst the dust at your desk - wipe it down daily with lysol or another disinfectant to prevent sore throats and colds.

Something as simple as eating 2 ounces of yogurt a day (an individual container typically has 6 ounces) can protect you from gum disease.

Get an annual skin check on your scalp to reduce the risk of melanomas. These unseen moles can double your risk of death.

Getting plenty of calcium and Vitamin D daily can decrease your stress levels by 20%.

Wash your sheets in water that's at least 140 F to kill dust mites, and prevent eczema and irritations to sensitive skin.

A 30 minute make out session can improve allergy symptoms.

At the top of your movement in a crunch, exhale forcefully to make your abs work harder.

You can improve your golf skills without evening picking up a club - throw a golf ball at a specific target on the carpet. This alone will help you judge your speed and alignment.