Fit Tips




Four to six 30 second bursts of cardio are just as effective as an hour of training at a lower intensity.

Most people figure that they need to set aside a full hour at once to get in the daily recommended amount of exercise. Not true! 5-10 minutes here and there throughout the day adds up. 5 minutes of push-ups and crunches in the morning, taking those 4 flights of stairs instead of the elevator; it adds up quick.

Want to get in some extra exercise without making the trip to the gym? Wash your car by hand rather than taking it through the car wash.

To get in some extra exercise try being less efficient. People typically try to think of ways to make daily tasks easier. But if we make them harder, we can get more exercise. For example, bring in the groceries from your car one bag at a time so you have to make several trips.

Looking for ways to fit in exercise? If work is close enough, walk or bike instead of driving. If it's farther away and you take the bus or train, get off a few stops early and walk to rest of the way.

Find it hard to fit in exercise, but enjoy gabbing with your friends? Try walking and talking. Either ask your friend to go for a walk with you or simply pace around the house while you talk on the cordless phone.

Want a workout that's just as effective but can be done in less time? Combine multiple exercises into one. For example, do a reverse lunge with a bicep curl, or a squat with an overhead shoulder press.

If you're not a big fan of the gym, or find that you spend more time driving there and back then you do on your workout, try investing in a couple of workout DVDs. Even just 15 minutes a day will make a difference if you stick with it.

A simple way to add a little bit of exercise to your day is to make small changes like taking the stairs or parking at the far end of the parking lot.

Can't find time to exercise, but some how manage to fit in some T.V. time at the end of the day? Try doing some simple exercises like lunges, crunches, push-ups or wall-sits while you're watching. Or, if that's you're time to relax, go through a simple stretch routine to calm your muscles.