Fit Tips




Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain it, trying to eat healthier or exercise more, tracking is extremely beneficial. Keep track of how much you've lost/gained/eaten/exercised, whatever it is that motivates you. This will also give you an idea of the habits and exercises that help you to or keep you from achieving your goals.

Restaurant and packaged items tend to have larger portions that generally contain more calories, sodium and fat than home-cooked meals. By cooking your own meals you can control both what's in the meal and the portion size.

Your body is constantly adapting to your workout. Because of this, if you are doing the same amount of cardio at the same speed for more than a couple weeks your body will no longer burn the same amount of calories. To burn the most calories, continuously vary the speed and intensity of your cardio workout.

Drinking water is not only important to stay healthy but also important if you're trying to lose weight. Dehydration can slow your metabolism causing you to burn about 45 calories less everyday.

Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Many of those that struggle with overeating at night are those who skip meals or don't eat balanced meals during the day.

Think yoga's too mellow to burn calories? Think again. You can burn the same amount of calories in an hour-long yoga class as you'd burn from walking for an hour (about 250-350 calories). In addition, yoga improves muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance.

When eating a meal, start by eating the low-calorie items first. By starting with salads and veggies, by the time you get to the meats and starches you'll be full enough to be content with smaller portions of these higher-calorie items.

A typical restaurant entree (not counting the bread, appetizer, beverage and dessert) has between 1000 and 2000 calories.

Eating small meals every two to three hours throughout the day, rather than two or three large meals, allows your metabolism to operate at an optimal level.

The average Venti sized Frappuccino contains about 530 calories.