Fit Tips




Think yoga's too mellow to burn calories? Think again. You can burn the same amount of calories in an hour-long yoga class as you'd burn from walking for an hour (about 250-350 calories). In addition, yoga improves muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Free weights help strengthen not only your main larger muscles, but also your smaller stabilizer muscles since they require you to balance and stabilize as you lift. In this way they can be more effective than machines.

To help avoid muscle injuries, start slowly and gradually increase intensity within your workout. Muscles need time to adjust to the new demands that higher intensity activities place on them.

If you're ever feeling under the weather or tired, rather than breaking the workout habit try doing activities more suited to how you're feeling; if you're tired try swimming, if you have a cold try walking, stretching or yoga.

By adding a variety of activities to your workout, you'll not only avoid boredom but also target a greater variety of muscles.

Boredom often leads people to quit their fitness routine; try doing a different cardio exercise every day of the week to avoid this. Using the treadmill, swimming, playing basketball, aerobic boxing, and Power Yoga are all awesome ways to get in your cardio.

Improvements are a great way to stay motivated. Since increase in muscle can offset decrease in fat, weight isn't necessarily the best number to track. Try recording the number of chin-ups you can do, or the distance you can run at a certain speed.

Having trouble getting in the habit of exercising? - Commit for 30 days. Making the commitment to exercise everyday (even for just 20 minutes) for one month will solidify the habit.

Exercise is proven to increase energy and boost serotonin levels in the brain, which in turn improves mental clarity

Evidence suggests that wellness programs in the workplace enhance job satisfaction, lessen job stress, reduce sick leave/absenteeism, improve productivity, reduce injuries and workers' compensation claims, and lower turnover.