Fit Tips




Can't find time to exercise, but some how manage to fit in some T.V. time at the end of the day? Try doing some simple exercises like lunges, crunches, push-ups or wall-sits while you're watching. Or, if that's you're time to relax, go through a simple stretch routine to calm your muscles.

Schedule's so packed with the kids' piano lessons, and soccer games that you can't find time to fit in your own workout? How about running laps around the field while the team warms up? 20 minutes is plenty of time for a decent jog and you'll be setting a great example for the kids as well.

Having trouble finding time for a workout? Try doing just 5 minutes of push-ups, squats, crunches, lunges and other similar type exercises first thing in the morning. My not seem like much, but it won't take long for you to notice results!

Find you're having trouble making yourself workout on a regular basis? Try joining a team or group. Not only will you have the encouragement of others, but it's harder to not exercise if you've committed to it.

Create milestones on your way to your overall goal. Whether your trying to lose 50 pounds or wanting to run a marathon, setting milestones that you can celebrate on the way to your overall goal will keep you motivated; every time you lose another 10 pounds, every time you can run 5 km further, reward yourself.

Shoveling snow burns about 400 calories an hour for a 150 pound person.

Next time you're lifting weights try sitting on an exercise ball rather than a weight bench. Doing this will improve your core stability by working your abdominal and stabilizer muscles at the same time as strengthening the muscles you are targeting by lifting.

Finding it hard to sneak in your daily exercise? Try wearing ankle weights to work or while running errands. They'll fit right under your pant legs and no one will even know you're working out while you work.

Cleaning your house is a great opportunity to sneak in some exercise; vacuuming more briskly, scrubbing the bathtub faster, lifting bags of garbage are all great ways to to get in your 20 minutes of moderate exercise a day.

A healthy workout routine includes three different types of exercise: flexibility, aerobic, and muscular conditioning exercises.