Fit Tips




High intakes of sugar can increase the urinary excretion of calcium causing weakness in bones, osteoporosis, and even traces of calcium in the kidney

A healthy diet will flatter your figure; increase your energy levels, improve your performance in sports, and create a happier lifestyle

All diet sodas contain fructose, which cannot be broken down into energy, and is therefore stored as fat in the body

Green tea extracts have been proven to burn calories, prevent ulcers, heart disease, as well as cancer

Ask for dressing on the side when ordering a salad. Dipping your fork into the salad dressing before eating it can cut up to 500 calories

Water acts as a natural appetite suppressant. So, the more water you drink the less cravings you will get for those bad foods you love

Being healthy and staying active can reduce your risk of cancer up to 30-40 percent

You can lose up to one liter of water by sweating during a thirty minute workout, so it is important to drink lots of water

Sugars are hidden in a number of foods with names like maltodextrin, honey, syrup, sucrose or those ending in “ose” but have the same amount of calories